Winter Hats


Warm, Snug

Beanie hats are the heart and soul of crocheting winter wear. Can be done in any colour, style, and trim you prefer.

Spiralling Hat
Basket Weave Hat
Multi-Colour Ridged Beanie

Hats are $20/ea plus taxes. If you wish to add a scarf or cowl in the same style, it’s an extra $10. Please fill out an order form, and we’ll get it made for you right away.

Softee, Ridgey, Warm Hat
Tight Wave Hat

Beautiful Ridged Hats in many styles, and colours.

Bead Stitch Hat. Can be made in any colour(s), and any brim style.


I’m available for new projects. Drop me a line, and let’s create something new.

Order Form

Beautiful Ridged Hat. Perfect for any winter day. It can be done in any colour(s). It can also come as an open top for pony tails.