Hello and Welcome to my Shop

Greetings! I’m Albert and welcome to my shop. I’m so glad you came to explore the place, and browse what I’ve made. I currently live in St. Catharines, Canada. I’ve been working with yarn since I was 15, starting with knitting and moving on to crocheting. I decided to share it with you after I needed to raise money for an unexpected expense. Over the course of raising the money by selling hats, I realized it was so much fun to make things for you and see the smile on your face when you put on your brand new hat, scarf, mittens, or cowl! I can also make for you spa kits, washcloths, items for your kitchen, and amigurumi (all of which will be on the website soon). I hope you leave this shop warmer and snug than you entered, same with after you try one of my hats that was carefully crafted for you!

Let’s make something together.

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